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PostSubject: Characters Creator   Sat Oct 15, 2011 6:57 pm

#!!Characters Creator
;Its not done yet
;but i still use it just mod the address
0xFFFFFFFF 0x00491F4C
0x00015F4C 0x00000007
0x000160D4 0x00000007
0x0001615C 0x00000007
0x000161E4 0x00000007
0x0001626C 0x00000007
0x000162F4 0x00000007
0x0001637C 0x00000007
0x00016404 0x00000007
0x0001648C 0x00000007
0x00016514 0x00000007
0x0001659C 0x00000007
0x00016624 0x00000007
0x00016F2C 0x00000007
0x00016FB4 0x00000007
0x000170C4 0x00000007
0x0001714C 0x00000007
0x000171D4 0x00000007
0x0001725C 0x00000007
0x000172E4 0x00000007
0x0001AEEC 0x00000007
0x0001AF74 0x00000007
0x0001AFFC 0x00000007
0x0001B10C 0x00000007
0x0001703C 0x00000007
0x0001B3B4 0x00000007
0x0001B32C 0x00000007
0x0001B2AC 0x00000007
0x0001B2AC 0x00000007
0x0001B29C 0x00000007
0x0001B2A4 0x00000007
0x0001B294 0x00000007
0x0001B21C 0x00000007
0x0001B194 0x00000007
0x00015F4C 0x00000007
0x00015FD4 0x00000007
0x0001605C 0x00000007
0x000160E4 0x00000007
0x0001616C 0x00000007
0x000161F4 0x00000007
0x0001627C 0x00000007
0x00016304 0x00000007
0x0001638C 0x00000007
0x00016414 0x00000007
0x0001649C 0x00000007
0x00016524 0x00000007
0x000166AC 0x00000007
0x00016634 0x00000007
0x000167BC 0x00000007
0x00016744 0x00000007
0x000168CC 0x00000007
0x00016854 0x00000007
0x000169DC 0x00000007
0x00016964 0x00000007
0x00016AEC 0x00000007
0x00016A74 0x00000007
0x00016AFC 0x00000007
0x00016A84 0x00000007
0x00016B0C 0x00000007
0x00016B94 0x00000007
0x00016C1C 0x00000007
0x00016CA4 0x00000007
0x00016D2C 0x00000007
0x00016DB4 0x00000007
0x00016E3C 0x00000007
0x00016EC4 0x00000007
0x0001714C 0x00000007
0x000171D4 0x00000007
0x0001725C 0x00000007
0x000172E4 0x00000007
0x0001736C 0x00000007
0x000173F4 0x00000007
0x0001747C 0x00000007
0x00017504 0x00000007
0x0001758C 0x00000007
0x00017614 0x00000007
0x0001769C 0x00000007
0x00017724 0x00000007
0x000177AC 0x00000007
0x00017834 0x00000007
0x000178BC 0x00000007
0x00017944 0x00000007
0x000179CC 0x00000007
0x00017A54 0x00000007
0x00017BDC 0x00000007
0x00017D64 0x00000007
0x00017D0C 0x00000007
0x00017E74 0x00000007
0x00017F1C 0x00000007
0x00017F84 0x00000007
0x0001802C 0x00000007
0x00018094 0x00000007
0x0001813C 0x00000007
0x000181A4 0x00000007
0x0001824C 0x00000007
0x000182B4 0x00000007
0x0001835C 0x00000007
0x000183C4 0x00000007
0x0001846C 0x00000007
0x000184D4 0x00000007
0x0001857C 0x00000007
0x000185E4 0x00000007
0x0001868C 0x00000007
0x000186F4 0x00000007
0x0001879C 0x00000007
0x00018804 0x00000007
0x000189AC 0x00000007
0x00018914 0x00000007
0x00018ABC 0x00000007
0x00018A24 0x00000007
0x00018BCC 0x00000007
0x00018C34 0x00000007
0x00018CDC 0x00000007
0x00018D44 0x00000007
0x00018DEC 0x00000007
0x00018E54 0x00000007
0x00018EFC 0x00000007
0x00018F64 0x00000007
0x0001900C 0x00000007
0x00019074 0x00000007
0x0001911C 0x00000007
0x00019184 0x00000007
0x0001922C 0x00000007
0x00019294 0x00000007
0x0001933C 0x00000007
0x000193A4 0x00000007
0x0001944C 0x00000007
0x000194B4 0x00000007
0x0001955C 0x00000007
0x000195C4 0x00000007
0x0001966C 0x00000007
0x000196D4 0x00000007
0x0001977C 0x00000007
0x000197E4 0x00000007
0x0001988C 0x00000007
0x000198F4 0x00000007
0x0001999C 0x00000007
0x00019A04 0x00000007
0x00019AAC 0x00000007
0x00019B14 0x00000007
0x00019BBC 0x00000007
0x00019C24 0x00000007
0x00019CCC 0x00000007
0x00019D34 0x00000007
0x00019DDC 0x00000007
0x00019E44 0x00000007
0x00019EEC 0x00000007
0x00019F54 0x00000007
0x00019FFC 0x00000007
0x0001A064 0x00000007
0x0001A10C 0x00000007
0x0001A174 0x00000007
0x0001A21C 0x00000007
0x0001A284 0x00000007
0x0001A32C 0x00000007
0x0001A394 0x00000007
0x0001A43C 0x00000007
0x0001A4A4 0x00000007
0x0001A54C 0x00000007
0x0001A5B4 0x00000007
0x0001A65C 0x00000007
0x0001A6C4 0x00000007
0x0001A76C 0x00000007
0x0001A7D4 0x00000007
0x0001A87C 0x00000007
0x0001A8E4 0x00000007
0x0001A98C 0x00000007
0x0001A9F4 0x00000007
0x0001AA9C 0x00000007
0x0001AB04 0x00000007
0x0001ABAC 0x00000007
0x0001AC14 0x00000007
0x0001ACBC 0x00000007
0x0001AD24 0x00000007
0x0001ADCC 0x00000007
0x0001AE34 0x00000007
0x0001AEDC 0x00000007
0x0001AF44 0x00000007
0x0001AFEC 0x00000007
0x0001B054 0x00000007
0x0001B0FC 0x00000007
0x0001B164 0x00000007
0x0001B20C 0x00000007
0x0001AEFC 0x00000007
0x0001AF84 0x00000007
0x0001B00C 0x00000007
0x0001B11C 0x00000007

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